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02-19-2003, 04:57 AM
internal wrachet -open/closed wrenches w/ swivel head.

I didn't buy a set when they first came out because I was sceptical and too cheap. Figured I didn't need such fancy bourgiouse things. After much swearing -I just picked up a set out of need (auto-quad intake manifold nuts) and the 5 degree close wratchet mechanism is great. They seem pretty solid. It says on package "do not use to free bolts. So, I'll have to remember that -

A friend left one out on a job site in the rain for three days. He was able to free the wrachet by soaking in light oil. Good to know. He has abused his daily with good results.

I really like them and have been telling myself what a fool I was for not buying them sooner. Great time saver. Good for tight spots.

A great new addition to the tool department. Does any one else like these things? Has anyone stripped the internal wrachet mechanism?

04-13-2003, 09:10 PM
For those that can't have enough tools....these are a nice set of wrenches. I've used them many times already. Much thinner and capable of getting into tight spaces, unlike the heavier thicker dual sided wratchet box wrenches that I've owned for 20 years from Sears. If you do get them at Sears, be careful as there are two different sets being sold by them. The ones sold as Sears Brand are foreign made and the newer ones by Craftsmen are American made. I'm sure Snap-On amd Matco makes them also, but since I can't afford those exotic tools, I can't comment. Amazing what 5 degrees can do for you when you only have a wee bit of space to swing the wrench. Later..:cool: ...Busted Knuckles Hrdly Dangrs

11-14-2003, 08:52 AM
I too was a skeptic. So much so that I had to manufacture a fake smile and feeble "Thanks, Honey," when my wife bought me a set of these tools, which I had assumed were one step up from Ronco or Popiel made-up junk. Live and learn.

Roy the "original" Rider of the Night