View Full Version : Knuckle & Panhead Rebuilds

Kirkland Perry
08-14-2002, 11:46 AM
You can trust Stett's www.stettsironhorseranch.com/ (619) 590-8282, or Accurate Engineering (334) 702-1993 to build your 61 or 74 cu. in. motor right.
Accurate Engineering re-conditions beat-up Pan heads with new exhaust spigots (they build up beads of aluminum weld and machine them back to normal rather than cut spigots off and weld new ones on, because the degree of fit is critical); repair stripped D-Ring holes; install unleaded seats and valves; smoothen divots in the gasket ring head surface; repair worn spark plug threaded holes; and ship the heads back to you well packed. You need to know your cam type (they'll ask) for valve overlap calculations.