View Full Version : Mystery gasket for linkerts

T. Cotten
07-25-2001, 12:03 AM
In Palmer's "How to..." it cites a main nozzle gasket on page 241.
Neither H-D manuals nor Indian seem to include this. I find nozzels with the lowered shoulder in both marques, yet I never have found such a gasket. (And I have done more than a couple...dozen, or fifty, perhaps.)

The most significant aspect is that a gasket would lower the nozzle, yet assemblies that omit it have no tuning problems, float level or otherwise.
Anyone have a clue for me???

Perry Ruiter
07-25-2001, 10:09 PM
Hey Cotten - my XA parts book lists 27300-42
as the main nozzle gasket. My 841 parts book
lists 102965 as the nozzle gasket. Maybe it was
an experimental thing during the war years? I've
not done as many carbs as you, but I've never
seen one either ... Perry