View Full Version : 42 WLA shift drum timming

03-01-2018, 06:49 AM
In my manual it says that I need to time the shift drum to the shift gear, it refers to the champher on the drums teeth being timed to the shift gears timming mark but makes no mention of what mark it needs to be matched with on the shift gear ? There are two marks on the gear, an R and and a 3 ? Any ideas as to which one is correct, I am assuming it is the 3 since it is a 3 speed with no reverse but I also know what happens when I assume! Thanks, Hog

03-01-2018, 09:33 AM
even if you had no marks,the shift lever travels thru the gears without going to 90 degrees from verticle

03-01-2018, 11:27 AM
After looking at it for a while I figured that out but was courious about the marks, as I had assumed the 3 was the correct mark, thanks again .........Hog