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Steve Swan
07-30-2017, 11:35 PM
ok. i have some observations and questions about oiling rate for the mechanical oiler on my 27JD 11090.

I've got a total of 85 Miles on the engine now. The first 40 miles were ridden on a remote highway, two separate runs, the initial run was 10 miles, the second run was 30 miles, speeds between 30 to 45 mph. after each of these runs, i was more concerned with overall engine performance and functioning, i made sure oil was in the crankcase and did no measuring of oil after draining the crankcase.

i've ridden the JD around my neighborhood a total of 29.5 miles some in low gear, a fair amount in 2nd gear, top gear whenever possible not much faster than 32 indicated mph.

with the neighborhood riding i have been keeping track of the amount of oil that accumulates in the crankcase after each ride. before each ride, i give 3 strokes of oil before i start out, each stroke is 40 cc = 1.3 ounces for a total of 120 cc = 4 ounces.

i started with running 1 thick washer (.065") and 2 thin washers (.013")

the first ride was 15.6 miles, i drained 350 cc = 12 ounces, so i removed one thin washer.

the second ride was 13.6 miles, i drained 270 cc = 9 ounces, so apparently removing one thin washer decreased oiler output. still too much output in such a small number of miles, correct ? in the case of both rides, the amount of oil i drain from the crankcase seems excessive, more than i would exp[ect in such short runs. as i understand it, after a run, there should be close to the same amount in the crankcase as before the run, correct ?

so i am considering removing the second thin washer and running only the thick washer. (i realize the thick washer must not be removed, only thin washers can be removed.)

one concern/question i have is, with all speeds under 30 mph and much around 20 mph or less, am i not getting up to high enough speeds for the oil to blow out through the relief pipe ? if i run speeds sustained above 30 mph, will more oil tend to be blown out the relief pipe ?

i am getting used to being able to stop the JD and at some point plan to go up to an area where there is not the crazy daily traffic/drivers. and when i say "up," i literally mean up in the very low lying areas of the foothills of the Rockies. There will definitely be an equal mix of short but steep ascending/descending grades and some level ground, but i can easily hit speeds in most areas of 30-45 mph. there's no place i can go for all flat land, unless i put the bike in the back of the pickup and head east 40 miles.

all this being said, for my next neighborhood run, what are your thoughts on running only the thick washer and no thin washers ?

and, when i get ready to go up where i can have more sustained speeds, should i stay with thick washer only or should i add 1 thin washer ?

i certainly would rather over oil and drain, but on the other hand, i would like to get my oiler output/crankcase drain amounts dialed in.

i should add, i am running oil control rings with Venolia domed pistons.

i will certainly appreciate your thoughts.

Thanks in advance.

ps - at some point, i will have my son follow me, take some movies and post them on youtube. i know we love pictures.