View Full Version : Ricardo tapered fin racing cylinders

01-23-2017, 02:46 AM
One set manufactured in 1927 the other in 2017... Not a lot has changed in ninety years!

The ultimate IOE design, these beauties were manufactured from the mid-twenties through to the mid-thirties and are still raced to this day. Their squished-combustion chamber, higher compression, larger ports and valve cages make them perfect for RACING.

Recreating these cylinders has been as much about rediscovering lost pattern and casting techniques as manufacturing the Cylinders themselves. Being able to measure, photograph and disassemble numerous sets - and even borrow a set of cylinders from the other side of the planet (big thanks to matt@periodmodified) - has been a challenging privilege.

We would like to thank all involved for making this dream a reality!

We are going into production soon- so to put your hands on our JUGS email your expression of interest to jdjugs@gmail.com