View Full Version : generator timing gear mark question

Steve Swan
03-01-2016, 09:50 PM
I have a question about timing gear marks on generator gear.

Specifically, there appears to be a dot mark on the tapered/keyed generator gear.

i have the dot mark on the intermediate generator gear aligned with a dash mark on the oil pump gear. i am beginning to believe this is incorrect..... ? the more i look at this, i believe the dot marks of the generator and gen.intermdiate gears should align....... ?

the rearward dash mark of the oil pump gear....... What mark on the generator intermediate gear does it align to the rearward dash mark on the oil pump gear ? if the keyed gen gear dot mark aligns with the tot mark on the gen.intermdiate gear, then i don't seem to see a dash mark on the gen intermediate gear to align with the dash mark on the

Thanks in advance. i have a feeling i am outsmarting myself again........... or i am way overthinking this..... ?!?!! (i think i am......)

if the two dot marks of the keyed gen and generator intermediate gears line up, is that good enough ?????

thanks to all !