View Full Version : 1927 J gas cock bung

Martin Pettingell
02-17-2015, 08:47 AM

The petcock or gascock bungs on my '27 J tanks seem to have been replaced as some stage to fit an alternate petcock.

The tanks are due for some major restoration shortly to get rid of an old decaying liner and take out a couple of dings.

I would like to replace the bungs with a something with the standard thread size while the tanks are being worked on to enable the proper style of petcock to go back.

I have found a couple of sources for the petcocks but so far no luck with the bungs. Doesn't need to be OEM so long as they fit the original style petcock.

I have tried Replicant but Tom does not carry this item at present.

Any ideas where I might source such parts or at least give me the thread dimensions so I can expand the search a bit wider



Robert Luland
02-17-2015, 07:09 PM
It is nothing more than a 1/8" pipe thread with a flange around it that is soldered to the tank. I don't own one to tell you but if it's the same as the earlier? Then I can help you. I don't see why it would be. Bob L

Steve Slocombe
02-18-2015, 04:37 AM
Dear Martin, I've got some originals recovered from old tanks. Give me a call.