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12-27-2013, 07:45 PM
This is probably an old one, but something I just stumbled on to...

I am stripping a car bonnet to louver and polish the aluminum. It will not go back on the car painted, but will be polished.

For one side of the top, I used about 4 coats of stripper. There was a fair amount of filler (Rage, polyurethane filler... like Bondo.) There was also Uro Primer and Variprime under that. Topcoat was single stage, almost certainly Chroma system. And some gold leafing, which was a real PITA since the stripper does not want to touch the leaf.

So as I reached the end of the day, I had an idea to take some of the heavy duty Reynolds Wrap aluminum foil left over from the Ride Through Time Pig Pickin' last June. I put a good coat of stripper on the paint and stretched a sheet of foil over it, tucked it in and left for the evening.

Next morning, the paint was lifted right to the bare aluminum. Nothing was left stuck to the aluminum. It was entirely lifted through all the layers, right to the aluminum. There was a bit of Variprime near some rivets and at edges, but that came off with some liquid strip and Scotchbrite. The 'hard work' had been done by keeping the vapor and volatile chemicals under the foil overnight. Worked slick as can be. Cut 2 - 3 hours of stripping for that one panel to minutes.

For motorcycle tanks, it would be just perfect! A few pieces of foil would seal a tank up like a roast!!

Again, probably old hat to some of you, but it was a chance discovery I'll use again! Maybe some of you can make use of the idea.



12-27-2013, 09:00 PM
Great tip Sirhr. The trick is going to be remembering it:)

Bill Pedalino
12-29-2013, 11:03 AM
That's a great tip. I rarely use abrasive blasting of any type anymore and prefer chemical stripping and elbow grease. 'Marinating' under the aluminum foil is a great idea. Thanks for that!