View Full Version : valve stem cover wrench for Harley K and KH

07-21-2013, 12:56 PM
I started this thread in the "Sportster/K" area, but it fits here better. This is my most recent post in that other part of the forum:

I gave up on the strap wrench idea because there is not enough room for it to work. What I am planning to do is to take a perfectly good 1 3/8" open end wrench with a 30 degree handle and cut metal from the outside of the jaws until the thing fits. It will be thicker and probably have better metal than the original Harley wrench; so, it just may work. If the jaws spread when used, I guess one could stack two wrenches and have a REALLY thick tool that should be strong enough.

How does this sound? Does anyone have a better idea?

09-17-2013, 11:16 AM
Here is what I have so far: I filed down the wrench sold by V Twin for the Harley W model valve stem covers. Surprisingly, it is still strong enough to do the job. An important tip from a fellow member of Vintage Iron Riders MC is to raise the neighboring valve stem cover so that the wrench can rotate further. When I get this shaped the way I think it should be, I'll send a cardboard facsimile to Kirk at Sporty Specialties so that he can fabricate and sell these wrenches. I should be able to scan an image of the wrench into my computer and e-mail it to AMCA members who are interested.