View Full Version : Finished 14's, 15's?

05-17-2012, 02:24 PM
I just followed a link in another post to a story of a man with an early Henderson, who did a lot of networking to find completed bikes he could look at and the owners to whom he could talk. I will (hopefully) begin doing some work on my 14 Indian soon and am wondering the same thing. Who here has a 14 (or 15) that is complete/nearly complete? My 14 at one point acquired the 3 speed tranny from a 15, but the engine #'s indicate a 14 (F). I would love to network and build relationships, especially if anyone is near Minneapolis, MN. To see one completed in person would be so inspiring and motivational!

Also, if no one saw it, there was a 15 for sale a while ago on that auction site and the seller had a TON of great photos showing lots of details. I saved them all and can make them available for anyone who would like to see them, though, I would imagine a lot of you might know the bike and the owner... I haven't been too active here for a while. Looking to change that this summer! :cool:

Thanks all!