View Full Version : New (Old) Tool For the Shop

04-10-2012, 07:27 PM
A buddy just brought this over, thought I could use it- a Montague Equipment Co. "All Point Motor Stand"
Four-wheel loop-frame stand, very sturdy, machined hubs to rotate instead of tube-in-tube, and four or five different adapters and arms, including one for holding auto rearend housings, all with their own machined hubs, and this one with a single slot about 18" long that he'd been trying to figure out WTF it was for- I started laughing, drug him over to a 390 Ford block on a stand, and showed him the tapped holes in the side of the block, just above the pan rail, where they attached the engines from the side on the Ford assembly line- did I mention he likes them Chebbie engines LOL-
Gotta get some pictures of this critter when I get it cleaned up- gonna be REAL handy, but it was kinda spendy- he wanted $40 for it. You could put a bike frame on there, with the engine in it if you wanted, and rotate it 360 degrees, on it's side, upside down, hanging, whatever made you warm & fuzzy

04-10-2012, 08:52 PM
Way to go, Gene! Good things come to those who wait, eh? Good description, but Photos are worth a thousand? Gotta come in handy in a busy shop.