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03-25-2012, 02:40 PM
Some may remember about a year and a half ago when I aquired my four I had quite a few questions on it and the proper maintanance of it. After getting it running after sitting for 10 or so years and rewiring it, it was determined that it was not charging properly and after inquiring here, Indian Frank was the man to use for any Indian generator issues. My bike has a generator with the distributor driven off the back of the generator, not a mag.
I gave him a call and he VERY patiently walked me thru the process of proper removal so when it got returned it would go back on without too much hassle. Everything worked out great and he did exactly what I wanted. Just re-do the inside, not the outside, so it would match the rest of the bike.
I happily rode the bike and at every oil change I would also grease all the zircs on the bike. I use a small grease gun for this and change my oil every 4-500 miles.
I rode the bike thru the winter and even went on the Chili Willie road run with the Colonial chapter Jan. 1st. About 3 weeks ago I took it out and the bike has never died on me and I had it die on me quite a few times until I looked at the amp meter and realized it wasn't charging, so on the phone I was..
Again Frank ever so patiently walked me thru a few tests and it was determined that it wasn't charging. Boy was I bummed.
Pulled it off, (It was easy this time.) Sent it off to Frank.
Well, after putting on 3000 miles or so and changing my oil 8 times or so, guess what dummy me did?? Filled the charging end of the genny full of grease thru the grease zirc on the distributor. In less than 2 weeks door to door, Frank had the genny back to me and didn't charge me other than the shipping. Not only is Frank's work impeccable, but he is a great guy to do buisness with. It had NOTHING to do with his work, only my ignorance and he still did this for me.
So here is a big public THANK YOU INDIAN FRANK from me. We need more people like you in this hobby. (Needless to say I won't be greasing this as often, LOL).
Sorry for the long story but hope it teaches someone else not to do what I did. If you are thinking of any Autolite genny, regulator or cutout, (He has a great electronic relay that fits inside the original cutout housing), or electrical issues to be resolved he can be contacted at Indianfrank@yahoo.com.

len dowe
04-05-2012, 11:57 PM
Indian Frank is the man. I bought my generator from him.

03-19-2017, 05:21 AM
I bought my generator from him in 2016, not a bit of any problems at all, great guy to work with and very quick service also! He is the go to guy for these old generators!