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07-30-2010, 07:12 AM
Can sometime tell me if the layout dimensions shown in the attachment for a 1970 Bonneville tank are the same for a 1977? If their not can someone give the correct sizes for laying out a 1977. Thanks

07-30-2010, 06:12 PM
Basiclally this is correct for the domentions of lay out for The paint , other than the decal on the tank that was not on a 77. If in doubt call Don Hutchinson in Ma. to verify. I do believe you have the correct layout after checking my Triumph library.
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07-31-2010, 08:51 AM
Thanks Cass, I will get in touch with Don again to double check. The layout I posted is one of his and John Healy’s I found at Rask Cycle. Strange how the right scallop is a little higher up on the tank than the left. I would thought they would be layed out as a mirror image. I learn something new each day. :)


08-02-2010, 08:10 AM
Well forget using the 1970 layout for a 1977. The scallops are completely differant between the two years so my search for the right way continues. :(

08-02-2010, 10:51 AM
Sorry for the wrong info. If you can find a copy or borrow one of David Gaylins book Triumph restoration. You will find a very good pic of a 77 side view & top view on page 172.

08-03-2010, 06:49 AM
Hi Cass, There’s lots of conflicting info about these 76/77 models out there, and reasonably so. A friend from across the pond has been helping me learn about quite a few of them. You may enjoy his explanation as to why so many people are confused over something as simple thing as red and blue. Here is his explanation.

To the best of my knowledge, the 1976 and 1977 T140 models were finished in the same colours. The U.K. Models were listed as being available in 'Poly Blue' with 'Cold White' panels lined 1/8 inch Gold, or 'Poly Red' with 'Cold White' panels lined 1/8 inch gold. The advertising brochures for 1976 lists the U.S.A. Models available in 'Cherokee Red', 'Signal Red' and 'Polychrome Blue' I assume with 'Cold White 'Swept wing' flashes. I have never seen (Or heard of) any 1976 or 1977 T140s finished in 'Cherokee red' or 'Signal Red' (That is not to say that they never did any) but sometimes the advertising department did put specifications into their literature that was not on the actual production models. The advertising brochures were usually all sorted before the bikes went into full production and sometimes the specification of certain models was changed slightly from the 'Pre-Production' models used by the advertising department. To the best of my knowledge, the U.S.A. T140s were finished in 'Poly Blue' with 'Cold White' swept wing flashes lined 1/8 inch Gold or 'Poly Red' with 'Cold White' swept wing flashes lined 1/8 inch Gold. (That is, unless you can find out otherwise). Some of the information relating to the 'Workers Co-Operative' bikes can be very confusing as things were not so 'Uniform' as they had been in the previous years of 'The Triumph Engineering Company'. To confuse matters more, some of the U.S.A. Dealers (And advertising literature) changed the name of the U.K. Colours. David Gaylin's book 'Triumph in America' lists the 1975 T160 available in 'Cherokee Red' (Burgundy) with 'White' scallops or 'White' with 'Jet Flame'. The T160s were only available in 'Cherokee Red' with 'Cold White' swept wing flashes or 'Cold White' with 'Sunflower Yellow' swept wing flashes. I think the 'Jet Flame' he was mistakenly referring too was the earlier T150 which was listed as 'Jet' which was actually jet black and it had 'Flame' swept wings. Confusing isn't it. David Gaylin's book lists for 1976 T140, 'Cherokee Red' (Burgundy) with 'White' scallops and for 1977 'Cherokee Red' or 'Pacific Blue' with 'White' scallops. 'Poly Red' is a metallic burgundy but it is not 'Cherokee Red' which is a burgundy candy and 'Poly Blue' is a metallic Blue but it is not 'Pacific Blue' which again, is a candy finish. I think that the American dealers probably thought that 'Cherokee' and 'Pacific' sounded more American and re-vamped old colour names and used them for new colours, and besides, the 1976 brochure had no mention of 'Pacific Blue'. I would re-finish a 1976 or 1977 T140 in either 'Poly Red' or 'Poly Blue' and 'Cold White' with 'Gold Lines. I know these colour schemes are correct, I don't know about the others.
I have added an attachment of pages from the 1976 advertising brochure that may help.
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