View Full Version : Big Fix Bearing Kit - plastic retainer broke

06-07-2010, 09:32 AM
Last year I put a big fix bearing kit on my 45 to take the wobble out of the clutch basket. As part of my regular maintenance I take the clutch plates out and clean them. To my surprise I found the plastic disc that keeps the rollers from falling out cracked and a piece of it missing (about 4,000 miles since the install). I am not sure how this happened. Maybe I didnít install it correctly since I did not put the metal retainer disc back on as the instructions did not say to do that but to use the plastic retainer instead. As a quick fix to get back on the road I took the metal retaining disc and ground the lip off of it. I also had to decrease itís diameter. The reason for decreasing the diameter is the holes in it were sloppy and without the lip it would float over the clutch basket face and get in-between the fiber disc and the basket face. With the diameter now smaller it does cover Ĺ the diameter of the roller bearings. Now the questions:

1) Anyone experience this before with the big fix bearing kits?
2) Did I install it incorrectly by not using both the plastic retainer and the metal retainer?
3) Does anyone see a problem with my fix?
4) Where can I get a replacement plastic disc from?

06-08-2010, 07:00 PM
I don't know about the 45's but the big bikes have a part available called the "Ramjet Retainer" which is a hard black plastic retainer for the "Big Fix" bearing that allows you to set how deep it seats against the bearing, setting up the end play. I've been using the "Big Fix" and "Ramjet Retainer" for many years now and used properly it is a great setup.-Bob-Bob