View Full Version : "Rockford" headmarked fasteners

11-20-2009, 08:11 PM
If anyone is looking for "Rockford" headmarked fasteners for restorations, you probably should check your local NAPA stores soon. Rockford Products Corp. (Rockford, Illinois) supplied the MOCO with a significant number of fasteners (mostly hex head) for quite a few years. Not sure, but I think late 60s and certainly in the 70s and beyond. They also were the supplier to all of NAPA nationwide for 50+ years ending in 2007 and there's still a significant amount of the product in many of their stores. RPC filed Chap.11 and then Chap.7 in 2007-08. Since it was an ESOP company for the last 20+ years, most all employee bonuses, profit sharing, etc. was "paid" in company stock which became worth the same amount as used toilet paper overnight. Many workers at all levels (except executive management) lost large amounts of their retirement funds .....don't ask me how I know!