View Full Version : HD 4 speed countershaft spacer installer

03-08-2009, 03:58 PM
Here's a simple trick to eliminate the frustration of trying to get the spacer/thrust washer to stay in place while trying to install the countershaft assembly into the case.
Set the assemby vertical on the bench with the spacer side up. Get a piece of .75" OD tubing, insert it through the center and mark the exact length where it sticks through the top of washer. Cut if off at that length. Should be about 4.7" long.
When installing the assembly, insert pipe through the center, with the spacer washer held on with some grease, and insert into case. The washer will stay in place and the pipe is then removed through the left side countershaft bore. Now push in the countershaft and you're done. Makes your life much easier!
If you like, you can drill a whole clean though the tubing, weld in a piece of small rod (from the inside) and grind the outside smooth to facilitate hooking the tubing to pull it out.