View Full Version : Worsham Castle (A bloody nice bloke!)

11-10-2008, 01:41 AM
G'day everyone.
Just a quick note to acknowledge Michael Paquette.
Michael just sent me some reference Indian documents, and a lovely leather watch fob with stone arrow head from the US (I'm in Australia).
It was an unexpected show of previous customer and fellow enthusiast support that I really appreciated and only goes to strengthen my intent to use Michael s services again when I need high quality leather work for my Indians.

While I'm on the subject, Peter Thomson (Tommo) from the list and Thomson,s Motorcycle Museum in New Zealand also deserves mention. Tommo sent me copies of 2 Powerplus booklets for free, out of general courtesy and support to a fellow member of the club. I know where I will be visiting when I next go to Un Zud.

Peter and Michael, thanks fellas, this highlights the strength of being part of this group, and the decency of the people in our hobby.

Best wishes everyone.


40 Nuck
11-10-2008, 05:53 PM
And I always appreciate Michael's willingness to contribute on this forum despite the controversy that sometimes surrounds topics. His input is generally factual and unemotional, and he is also willing to listen to others when new facts or information arise.