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10-11-2008, 02:08 AM
I was told by a gent that the henderson frames (at least the deluxe models) should have a serial number stamped someplace on it. I can't find anything on my '22. Any idea where, and should it match the motor number? Thanks!

10-12-2008, 08:18 AM
Excelsiors of that vintage have a number stamped on the forging under the seat. My 1919 Henderson has 5112 stamped on that forging. The frame number doesn't match the engine # and I know the engine and frame have been together on my bike. Charlie Carter and Cliff Pease compiled a roster of Excelsior and Henderson motorcycles back in 1978 and got quite a few responses. Enough to give a good sampling of the anomalies of the Excelsior serial number system. For example; the list has a 1925 Hen with a # of D 873*, a 1923 with a # of D 887* and to really screw things up, a 1924 with a # D 990*. I have always regarded Ex/Hen S.N.'s as a vague guide to year. There are too many contradictions and possible mistakes on the Ballack list, and the 1978 list.

Regarding frame #'s. Charlie Carter wrote down every frame # he came across on an Excelsior or Henderson. The last time I talked to him about that, he had come to no conclusion and saw no logical numerical progression. One of his theories was, the frame #'s were an in-house code or inspection mark. The AMA has a large collection of Schwinn factory documents and maybe there is some record of these numbers in that collection. Unfortunately, those paper are not for the eyes of mere mortals or actual owners of Excelsior and Henderson motorcycles.