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09-02-2008, 07:01 PM
Hi everyone. Just to let you know of the fantastic service I received from Steven Wrights publishers re his superb works dealing with American bikes.
For those interested, here's some info from them re his reprinted classics. If you don't own them, buy them, there is nothing better available:

"Hi Ken,
Thanks for getting in touch with us!

Unfortunately, Steve hasn't finished volume 2 of The American Motorcycle yet. His books are "labors of love" that he has to fit in when time. I can't even give you an estimated publication date except to say that a lot of the research has been done - it's just a matter of getting down to the business of writing and layout design when time allows.

We've recently been very busy reprinting Steve's first two books, American Racer 1900-1940 and American Racer 1940-1980. I'm attaching the information and an order form just in case you're interested!

We'll save your email address and notify you when we have a date for the next American Motorcycle book.

Other people have asked Steve what he means by better quality. His response is that the photos appear sharper due to the high tech printing methods used today in comparison to those used in 1979 and 1986! We've used a higher grade of paper for the reprints which enhances their appearance and texture.

Again, thanks for your interest and support!"

All the best,
Cindy Wright
Megden Publishing Co.