View Full Version : Primary cover as Indian Clutch removal tool

12-31-2007, 05:16 PM
Most of you probably already know this, I didn't until I recently read it and tried it - it works. I wanted to replace the clutch in my '48 Chief, but did not want to spend $$ on a clutch tool I'd likely use only once. I learned that you can use the primary cover as a clutch removal tool to keep the clutch springs compressed when you unbolt the pressure plate assy. What I did was turn the primary around, and put it on backwards (inside out). Your primary will be pressing up against the rivet heads of the clutch pressure plate assy, so protect it. I cut up a gallon milk jug, and put a ring made from the side of it between the cover and the clutch. Then I put the little ~2" clutch arm back on the worm gear, and turned it to compress the clutch. No problem!