View Full Version : 1981 GL1100 I Type 1/Instument Pods

09-17-2007, 05:17 PM
Hey folks:

I know this is not 35 years or older. But before I post this to the forasle section. I wanted to check interest here.

I have to make a decision to remove one of my 3 antiques. It's a 1981 GL1100 I with all factory options including rare factory Type 1 Radio and and also rare factory fairing mounted guage/pod option.

Bike has 28K Miles and is super clean. I am the third owner. I have spares and all that stuff so important to a collector.

If anyone here is interested in a bike that can easily become a winning circle bike when it comes of age, let me know.

Doing this out of respect for the help I've recived from this club as a member. Want to offer it up here first.

Let me know if you would like more details. If I don't here anything back in a week or so I will need to move this one out so I can work on the other projects (65 pan, 59 BMW R26).

Regards, and apoligies if this is considered inappropriate.

I have pics for those interested.

Ray Benash
AMCA 7140