View Full Version : Henderson engines

Tom Lovejoy
03-20-2007, 12:56 AM
Wondering what you guys think about this. My Henderson was rebuilt in 97 and is running fine - just something bothering me abit. Low oil pressure, when my bike was rebuilt - the restrictors in my crankshaft were removed. Wondering now if that was a mistake, the few guys I know who do them all take them out, but just wondering if you think its a mistake or not? I know lots of things enter into this, but wondering what you think. I have seen several Hendersons with low oil pressure, fresh rebuilds. Have not noticed it with Indian four cylinders.
Mine runs at 15 to 18 lbs at 50mph or less when the machine is good and hot. I have put 5,000 miles on it with only minor problems, I am content with mine and love the machine. But just thought maybe somethings not being done right with the Hendersons when rebuilt? Atleast in my local, thanks Tom.