View Full Version : scout clutch is slipping - need input

06-28-2006, 01:55 AM
King clutch - kevlar disks.
Running 20T front sprocket now- instead of stock 18T.
New Kiwi triple cluster and slider in trans. Inner rollers in triple make it very smooth. Like it much better than bronze bushing set up!!!

Should I add 4 more springs for total 16? instead of 12.
Should I pull steel plates again and scuff up?
Should I cut the grooves in the fiber plates deeper? allow oil out.

Springs should be 7/8" in length.

Want to get it on the road again asap. Thoughts, suggestions anyone.

06-29-2006, 02:46 AM
Hey Paul,

I don't know anything about the King clutches. Though I'm sure someone can probably help you as I think this has been gone over in another forum. If I'm correct adding four more springs was acceptable in the original equipment. If it makes you feel any better I'm suffering bike troubles too. It's getting a little too close to O'Keefe time for my liking!!! :(

06-29-2006, 06:57 PM
my feeling was that the total pack may be slightly thiner than orig. thus I may need to use the taller springs. Chief clutch springs I think. Slightly taller than 7/8"

07-01-2006, 01:12 AM
woooo... it easily took another steel. My bad. So now I'm running 6 steel, 8 fiber. With a gap of 1/4" between pressure steel and spring steel plate. 16 springs. King kevlar clutch.

If it fails - well, you'll hear about it.

Got the pin brush(mac10) - much thanks. Will take good care and return asap. Right tank leaking again. So guess I'll have to recoat. Uggghhh.... Was thinking of letting it dry bolted to the bike in position this time. I did add a screen filter to the top of my gas taps.

I'll be at O'keefe. Maybe a tour around on my lump of rust will make you feel better. It's loud enough to wake the dead. Bring your foam plugs.

Must buy new "old truck". I no longer have 4 wheels. They wrote it off.
Such is life. No one hurt.

07-01-2006, 01:14 PM
Glad to hear that everyone came out of the vehicle crunch O.K.

I hope the brush works for ya...... It will be good to see that sickle of yours in person :D

I just got my Beezer parts off the bus,,, I must now go out and rip the beast apart and see what I can do. This bike or is it me? Always leaves things to the last minute. Oh, well better get crackin'............ Happy Clutching!!!!!!:cool:

07-05-2006, 03:00 AM
So - a very long story shortened.

I think I may try adding an original friction disk into my mix to get a stronger clutch. A 0.150 gap is what I'm shooting for. It just needs to be stronger. I'm getting some heavy torque out of that little 45 engine.

A patch kit in tool bag is freakin useless. Pack a spare tube. I can change mine out in approx. 45 min now on rear. Ya, I blew my rear at 45mph. Quite a snakey ride. No dump. Two patch attemps failed. My faith in humanity was restored when a brother checked in on me and phoned his place to have a buddy bring me a 3.25-3.50x19" tube which fit in my 18x4.00" tire. Yup it worked! did 300 miles on it. Another good trick is to take a paper oil funnel and fill it with washroom hand soap to lube tire and bead before install. Thank my uncle for that trick.

My tube blew because of the extream spoke angle, only electrical taped it, tighten spokes and possibly tore the tape. No rim strap. I've made one now double thick from an old bicycle tube. Cut it and rubber cemented it together. Little more difficult to get drop center on bead - but I like the added insurance. So now I'm taped and double strapped.

The bike is loud as heck- It truely sounds like he ll - fire comin down the road. It's a miracle I havn't been pulled over for a major noise violation. Approx. 150 dB. It really drowns out modern harleys. Kinda funny. Pretty much -straight pipes. Little home made 7" baffle to cut the bark off. Honestly officer- it's period correct. That's the way they made'em.

Compression test shows 75-80 psi front and rear. So looks good to me.

12V Sealed batteries are giving me trouble. Not holding charge. Thinking of going back to lead/acid. Also thinking of packing a small 12V bat so that I don't have to hang around the road side humilliating myself looking for a boost. Yes, I carry small cables. I met about six good people on the weekend. NONE OF THEM ON HARLEYS!!!! What's with that? All modern stuff. Geeessss.... I'm getting into a bad habit now of flipping off every modern harley that approaches me on the road. The older guys are cool. They know what I'm on. They wave. But the young set - 50 under. Well in my neck of the woods it's just sickening. I can't wait till one of them has an ignition switch problem. Ya, ya, go ahead. Chase me down and shoot me tough guy. These people are such idiots it would take them 10-15 min to turn around and catch up to me. Besides- they'd probably get killed in the process. I saw some people do some really dumb things on the weekend. People who shouldn't be on the road -period. And certainly not on a bike. Ya, I realise I gotta chill out a bit.

A small 12V would be just enough to get me started, disconnect and then just run it off the alternator. No lights. Which it does pretty darn good.

I NEED saddle bags BAD!!! Bike is oil leak free now. Wow....

I've got a line on a V12 XJS convertable for cheap. Wonder what it would put out with a turbo and a little tweaking? I think that would be great fun. Flat black and a trailer hitch. That would send the JAG fans over the edge. hee-hee....

09-25-2006, 03:59 AM
Traditional lead acid battery with deeper amp charge is working well.
The addition of two original fiber plates on top of my kevlar clutch is working very well. Thanks Dennis Craig, and Red Fred! I have a 0.10 gap I believe. Had to use large C-Clamp over the back of the inner primary to compress and secure nuts in rotational sequence. I might be able to mimic this process on the road side buy leaning the bike against a rock and using the weight of the bike to compress the plates. Hummm.... that would be tricky.

Last big run of the year just took place. Mark And Patty put the chapter up with great hospitality on the farm. Did a club ride on Sat and the public Oyster run on Sunday. I had a dirty distrib - cleaned that and the next day discover the massive amounts of white goo and crusty sediment in my float bowl. Made for an intermittent stuttering problem. A double whammy problem really. I think I'm going to look for a stainless steel carb spring.

Well I put on one heck of a show for all the modern tough guy harley riders out front of the Longhorn saloon in Edison. Tearing down the carb and cleaning out the float bowl (old tooth brush in tool bag, bar washroom soap and sink). I think people were facinated and a little shocked to see someone accually fixing a bike!!! with tools! GO figure eh.

In loo of blowing out the passages with a small bar straw. I just started the bike on prime and as it died down from starvation would place my hand over the open carb and use the suc ktion of the engine to pull more fuel in. This worked to force/pass whatever crud was in the passages. Running it down the road at high revs and placeing hand over carb mouth helped also. The vibration I guess. Well, thankfully it worked and I was able to fix it (1hr) and make the 2 hour ride home.

I sure did put on a big show for all. Sure would like a copy of Uncle Franks book? Anyone help me with some photocopies?

Well now I can chalk up on the bi-season maitience schedule. 1. Clean points, clean rotor, check plug leads into rotor, clean out float bowl, de-carbon heads (maybe at end of every season)?

I'm blowin oil - going to have to tear it down this winter and check piston clearance and guides. Fix barrel intake nipples properly.

Lost my horseshoe kicker pedal 20 min out. Man, I was ******. Must order Iron Horse tanks. I'm sick of the headaches and mess.

09-27-2006, 02:42 AM
Oh forgot to mention this. Sat morning we got a tour of the facility that makes the 4 speed over drive transmissions for Chiefs. WOW! Very serious, very neat. Makes me want to buy a Chief! A three speed syncromesh is in the works. Also he needs 14 more guys to slap a deposit down for 841 transmissions. So If you've got one kicking around. Pls buck up and contact him. He needs 20 bikes for a run.

A stock scout box is not deep enough to house a 4speed. Darn.....

We then made a quick ride over to see another facility that housed a collection of 12 or so pre-1910 cars. Very neat! All driven - no show queens. Well, one did make pebble beach. So I shouldn't say that. Some in progress. All very cool.

Strangely- I'm starting to see a trend of young women who are riding shovels with ape hangers. Is this just a west coast thing? I saw three this weekend.

Thou--- I must say Patti on her baby blue 47 something knuck wins the grand prize hands down. She's got a problem with the bike conking out after an hour of riding. Will start after cooling. Someone help her. Please!

Oh, and they have a nice new healthy colt running around on the farm. Much to the delight of there 11yr old daughter. It's a little squirrly. but nice to see.

Al brought out his 12 string for around the camp fire. More guitars next year.

OHHHHHH YA! It was nice to see your national president hang'in around in a REAL biker bar. We all had a good time at the Long horn. He gave me crap for not contacting him about the ride on Sat. He would have went. Wooops..... Sorry homes.
Well, I'm the new prez of the evergreen chapter. (cleverly suc ked in with deception) So I'd better be on the ball.