View Full Version : adj tappet -quick change? advice needed!!!

03-14-2006, 03:43 PM
My adjustable tappet bolts and lock nuts used were original. What I've discovered now is that they possibly have been stretched over time. So they will not hold in proper adjustment. YUP - more of my thrifty work in play.

So the exhaust valves seem to be the big culprits with the heat that they are exposed to. I'd like to swap out for new tappets that I now have.

I'd like to try to short cut the process with hopefully avoiding removing the barrels and heads.

So my thought was to stick a small block of metal in between the the tappet to extend it fairly high on lift, feed a piece of rope into exhaust exit port and lower the valve onto it -to hold the valve up. This I'm hopeing would allow me to change the tappets on the exhaust valves without alot of grief.

Can anyone offer me some advice?